Green University of Bangladesh  »   Facultly of Arts and Social Sciences
List of Departments:
Department of Film, Television and Digital Media
Degree Offered:
    (1) BA in Film,Television and Digital Media (FTDM) [Date of Approval: 15-03-2003]
Department of English
Degree Offered:
    (1) BA (Hons) in English [Date of Approval: 24-11-2011]
Department of Anthropology & Sociology
Degree Offered:
    (1) BSS (Hons) in Anthropology [Date of Approval: 30-12-2008]
    (2) BSS (Hons) in Sociology [Date of Approval: 18-11-2009]
    (3) MSS in Anthropology (Preli & Final) (1 and 2 Years) [Date of Approval:09-06-2010]