North South University  »  School of Applied Science
List of Departments:
Department of Computer Science
Degree Offered:
    (1) BSc in Computer Science
    (2) BSc in Computer Engineering
    (3) MS in Computer Science
Department of Environment Science
Degree Offered:
    (1) BS in Environmental Studies
    (2) BA in Environmental Studies
    (3) BS in Civil & Environmental Engineering
    (4) BS in Environmental Science & Environmental Management
    (5) MS in Environmental Science & Management
Department of Bio-Technology
Degree Offered:
    (1) MS in Bio-Technology
Department of Pharmacy
Degree Offered:
    (1) Bachelor of Pharmacy
    (2) M. Pharm in Pharmacology & Clinical Pharmacy
    (3) M. Pharm in Pharmaceutical Technology & Bio Pharmaceutics
    (4) B.Pharm Professional (5 Years)
Department of Microbiology
Degree Offered:
    (1) BS in Microbiology
Department of Biochemistry & Biotechnology
Degree Offered:
    (1) BS in Biochemistry & Biotechnology