Shanto-Mariam University of Creative Technology  »  Faculty of Design & Technology
List of Departments:
Department of Design & Technology
Degree Offered:
    (1) BA (Hons) in Fashion Design & Technology
    (2) BA (Hons) in Product Design & Technology
    (3) BA (Hons) in AMM & Technology
    (4) BA (Hons) in IA
    (5) BA (Hons) in GD & Multimedia
    (6) MA in Fashion Design
    (7) MA in Product Design
    (8) MA in Interior Design
Department of Computer Science
Degree Offered:
    (1) BSC (Hons) in CSIT
    (2) BSC (Hons) in CSE
Department of Architecture
Degree Offered:
    (1) Bachelor of Architecture (Conditional)