Pundra University of Science & Technology   »  Faculty of Science and Engineering
List of Departments:
Department of Public Health
Degree Offered:
    (1) Master of Public Health(2-Years) [Date of Approval: 24-10-2016]
Department of Computer Science & Engineering
Degree Offered:
    (1) BSc (Hon’s) in Computer Science & Engineering[Date of Approval:22-01-03] {Revised as: B.Sc. in Computer Science and Engineering (4 Years) (Date:04-02-18)}
Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Degree Offered:
    (1) Bachelor of Electrical & Electronic Engineering (EEE)[Date of Approval:18-12-03] { Revised as: B.Sc. in Electrical & Electronic Engineering (4 Years)(Date :04-02-18)}
Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering
Degree Offered:
    (1) B.Sc (Hons.) in Electronics & Communication Engineering [Date of Approval:22-01-2003 ]
Department of Information Technology and Networks
Degree Offered:
    (1) B.Sc (Hons.) in Information Technology & Networks [Date of Approval: 22-01-2003]