»  Faculty of Arts and Social Science
List of Departments:
Department of Law
Degree Offered:
    (1) Bachelor of Laws (4Yrs LLB)
    (2) Master of Laws (1 & 2 Yrs LLM)
    (3) Bachelor of Laws (2Yrs LLB)
Department of English
Degree Offered:
    (1) Bachelor of Arts in English (Hon's)
    (2) MA in english (Preli & Final)
Department of Economics
Degree Offered:
    (1) BSS (Hon’s) in Economics [Date of Approval: 14/03/17]
    (2) MSS in Economics (2-years) [Date of Approval: 14/03/17]
Department of Governance and Development Studies
Degree Offered:
    (1) MSS in Governance and Development Studies [Date of Approval: 14/03/17]