Key Personnel
Dr. Md. Khaled
Contact: Tel:-9118207, Mob:-
Key personnel
Dr. Md. Fakhrul Islam
Joint Secretary (Admin.) (Additional Charge)
Contact: Tel:-9122289, Mob:-01711-079960
Mohammad Al Mamun
Deputy Secretary (Legal)(District and Sessions Judge )
Contact: Tel:-8181622 (Office), Mob:-01761-768677
Md. Fazlur Rahman
Deputy Secretary(Admin)
Contact: Tel:-8181581, Mob:-01915-137585
Shah Mohammad Aminul Islam
Deputy Secretary(GS & Estate)
Contact: Tel:-8181581, Mob:-
Mauli Azad
Sr. Asst. Secretary (Legal)
Contact: Tel:-8181588, Mob:-01621207167
Md. Amirul Islam Shaikh
Sr. Asst. Secretary
Contact: Tel:-, Mob:-01716-506468
S.M. Khanjahan Ali
Sr. Asst. Secretary (GS)
Contact: Tel:-55007006, Mob:-01789794041
Morshed Alam Khondoker
Sr. Asst. Secretary (Admn)
Contact: Tel:-, Mob:-01818-250469
Md. Sultan Mahmud
Sr. Asst. Secretary(GS)
Contact: Tel:-, Mob:-01711-931038
Muhammad Masud Hossen
Sr. Asst. Secretary(GS & Estate)
Contact: Tel:-+880255007017, Mob:-01813574452
Rekha Rani Bakchi
Sr. Asst. Secretary (Admn)
Contact: Tel:-, Mob:-01552-377624
Dr. Md. Imtiaz Pervez
Medical Officer
Contact: Tel:-+88-02-9123849, Mob:-+8801912-047852
Md. Enamul Haque
Asst. Secretary (GS)
Contact: Tel:-, Mob:-01716-790407
Md. Shajahan Miah
Asst. Secretary (GS)
Contact: Tel:-, Mob:-01917-285933
Syed Ashrafuzzaman
Security Officer
Contact: Tel:-, Mob:-+8801712-048172
Khandker Sabahat Rizvee
Assistant Secretary (General Services and State)
Contact: Tel:-, Mob:-01727-529819
Tahmina Parveen
Asst. Secretary
Contact: Tel:-9122289 (OR), 9006245, Mob:-01727571426
Md. Jahangir Alam
Asst. Secretary
Contact: Tel:-, Mob:-01941719702
Nasrin Sultana
Asst. Secretary
Contact: Tel:-9122289 (OR), Mob:-
Md. Noor Islam Chowdhury
Asst. Secretary
Contact: Tel:-8122758 (OR), /109, Mob:-01679-834284
A.K.M. Mahmudur Rahman Miah
Asst. Secretary
Contact: Tel:-, Mob:-01550-622481
Md. A. Bari
Administrative Officer (GS)
Contact: Tel:-8117168 (OR), /109, Mob:-01550-622430
G. M. Kamal Hossain
Sub-Assistant Engineer
Contact: Tel:-, Mob:-01675-554885
Jali Begum
Diploma Nurse
Contact: Tel:-9123849, Mob:-
Rifat Nazneen
Administrative Officer (Admin.)
Contact: Tel:-, Mob:-01618010090
Shoylen Chakma
Sub-Assistant Engineer (Auto-mobile)
Contact: Tel:-, Mob:-+8801923-950001
Md. Moniruzzaman
Administrative Officer
Contact: Tel:-, Mob:-+8801922-649889
Ayesha Akther
Administrative Officer
Contact: Tel:-, Mob:-+8801671-965423
Kofil Uddin
Administrative Officer
Contact: Tel:-, Mob:-01914-574605, 01630-931487